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Jun 17, 2016
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Margaret Scott

The Philadelphia anti-human trafficking coalition has been planning for months in preparation for the Democratic Convention in July. Made up of Catholic Sisters, church groups, Covenant House, and other committed members, the Coalition, with advice from the FBI and permission from the DNC, has formed a Planning and also a Media Committee.

Sr Margaret Scott, aci is a member of the Media Sub-committee. We have adopted various strategies to raise awareness about Trafficking. Unfortunately, we were unable to buy space to advertise on the local buses but we are being allowed to put our logo, in huge letters, on three central bus stops near the Convention Center. There we will give out info and engage anyone interested in discussion.

The PECO Tower has agreed to feature our message: STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING in rotating lights during the 3 days of the Convention. It will be seen all over Philadelphia We have requested a mural to be painted. This will happen n the Fall. The NUNS ON THE BUS are coming to Philadelphia during the Convention so we are requesting that they “do an event” for and with us. Margaret has contacted a journalist at the Philadelphia Inquirer, who has agreed to write an article for us just before the Convention

The Planning Sub-Committee has organized visits and training for all the Hotels in Philadelphia and near the Airport. The response has been excellent.

The energy generated in the Coalition is amazing., And will continue beyond the Convention. For more information, please see the webpage: Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition: LET FREEDOM RING.

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