Justice, peace and the integrity of creation

With profound suffering we confirm that the poor and the earth can wait no longer.

The social dimension of the Eucharist and our reparative charism challenge us not to remain indifferent but to take a stance in regard to the cry of the impoverished, especially of the women and children who are victims of human trafficking, and of the devastated earth, from the perspective of a global understanding and through local action.

The dynamic of conversion which springs from the Eucharist urges us to:

  1. Begin by acknowledging our complicity in social injustice and the destruction of creation,
  2. Listen to the Word of God, which comes to us through the cry of the new faces of the neglected and excluded,
  3. Place on the paten every day the renewed commitment to solidarity, on the part of each Handmaid and of each community, for justice, with simple and measurable actions.
  4. Put into practice the words of Jesus, "do this in memory of me", in our choices and acts of reparation:
  • being aware of the close relationship which exists between the wounded earth and the impoverished peoples, as well as of the cause of this situation, an economic and political system which generates global violence,
  • breaking with our consumerist attitudes and habits, from the stance of an austerity in solidarity,
  • raising awareness and educating those around us about the causes and the consequences which generate these situations of poverty and exploitation,
  • reflecting in-depth on the Spirituality of Creation, from the perspective of our charism
  • becoming more ecologically responsible as persons and as communities, so that this concern may exert more influence in our daily lives, in education, in public spaces and in solidarity with future generations,
  • collaborating with other deeply committed organizations for the defense and the comprehensive development of life and for the culture of peace, particularly with the commissions for Peace and Justice of the Conferences of Religious,
  • making a commitment through UNANIMA International in support of exploited women and children and of care of the earth,
  • taking advantage of the potential of PROACIS for raising awareness of the problems of exclusion created by poverty, and supporting its networking with other NGO's which seek the same ends,
  • utilizing the International Digital Network which, at the level of the Institute, promotes Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.

From this stance of Eucharistic commitment we enter more fully into communion with God and with all women and men who with a reconciling heart seek, above all, Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.


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